Hello World

Hi! Self-consciousness is a big problem for me, so, as each obscure blogging platform becomes known to friends and acquaintances alike, I must move on to fresh and unknown plains. Hence this introductory post, which I can already tell will be a rambly one! Ah, as if that’s unusual. Really, it’s a lot easier not to worry about an audience when you’re fairly sure you won’t have one. Of course, the motivation to continue… But that’s never very forthcoming, so why bother agonising over it?

Oh, it’s ever so nice to only have to make sense to myself. Hi, future self! The extent of ‘self’ may or may not depend on the extent of ‘future’, but the amount of this you can understand the nuances of probably will, so I’m sorry if this sounds utterly awful, childish and/or pretentious (of course it’ll sound pretentious. Come on, I’m self-aware enough to recognise that), but hey, you know I’m bad at this, or at least am when I’m not really trying trying. 

Here’s some stuff that might turn up on here!

  • Writing snippets
  • Website explorations
  • Music and reviews and things
  • Books! Probably children’s books.
  • Long rambling diatribes on various amorphous subjects
  • London adventures & red letter days
  • Possibly sketches, if I ever scan some in or draw digitally
  • Mostly the long rambling diatribes, if I’m being honest.


See you around, self. Except I won’t, because I as seen here don’t exist any more, probably? I mean, this stuff might all be from automatic routines that will survive longer than my surface thought pattern thingummy does, but I don’t think it all is.